Prelude: Countdown to Eternity I.G. Hughes Jr.


Published: June 12th 2012

Kindle Edition

348 pages


Prelude: Countdown to Eternity  by  I.G. Hughes Jr.

Prelude: Countdown to Eternity by I.G. Hughes Jr.
June 12th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 348 pages | ISBN: | 5.47 Mb

Pastor Boyd smiled and smoothed the pages of his Bible as he waited for the members of the study group to take their seats. Over the last few months, weve talked a lot about what the Bible says will happen as the time draws closer for the rapture of the church.

But several of you are asking for us to take a look at what the scriptures tell us will happen to those left behind after were gone. His lips pressed together. It wont be pretty. The wars, natural disasters, famines, immorality, and corruption prevalent today will be nothing compared to the seven year period subsequent to our departure.The future looks bleak for the coastal city of Pensacola, Florida, plagued with natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and moral corruption.

Pastor Boyd Palmer has his hands full trying to encourage his small band of believers—including Jack Flemings anger over his wifes untimely death, the stalking of Angela Sims by her former husband, Clyde, and the increasing citywide deaths caused by constant terrorist attacks.Pastor Boyds group sees the moral decline of society and nature coming to fruition, just as Christ predicted two thousand years earlier.

Join this group of friends and foes as they wade through the tumultuous waters that dangerously flirt with the shore of the rapture. Learn what this small group knows that the unbelieving world doesnt: what they all are experiencing in the present is only the Prelude of what awaits the unbelievers in the future.

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