A Woman of Two Continents Pixie Burger

ISBN: 9780553208337

Published: July 1st 1982


598 pages


A Woman of Two Continents  by  Pixie Burger

A Woman of Two Continents by Pixie Burger
July 1st 1982 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 598 pages | ISBN: 9780553208337 | 6.49 Mb

I have had this book on my bookshelf for ages and it hadnt really grabbed my attention. it was an older paperback with a romance -Mills & Boon type of illustration.I think it was one of my daughters books she bought from a second hand stall on the market.Anyway I was looking for a book to take to read of the plane and wanted an easy read so looked at the blurb and it seemed okay.the book is set in Argentina in the late 19th early 20th century. Edie is an only child of an English mother and a father who went looking for an English wife to bring to join him.

Her mother used to tell Edie all about England and she dreamed of one day going back.We follow Edie through a shockingly bad marriage through to a very happy one where she enjoys travelling all over Europe while her daughter (by awful first husband who died of TB) is sent to an English boarding school.the realtionships between Edie and her daughter Yvonne is strained to say the least. Edie really didnt want to be a mother and neither it seems did her daughter when she does become one, history kind of repeats itself as Yvonne makes a regrettably awful first marriage as well.Yvonne then has a daughter out of wedlock but marries the father who turns out to be a great father even if the marriage is rather unconventional.This is basically a family saga of three womens stories which takes us through Argentinian history as well as European history.

We see changes brought about by WW!!, Eva Peron and then Peron and the post Peron era, the 1930s crash and many more vents are mentioned to give the reader an idea of time moving on.We meet Edie as a very young child and she finally dies at a good age well over ninety so a lot of history takes place and times changes, people grow up, move on get married, divorced and so one.It was an up an down book.

I found it interesting initially then kind of lost interest a bit as it got a bit bogged down in things that didnt grab me then it began to pick up again. It is about 600 pages long and an older book so the print is quite small so you get value for money in words written.I cant say it is the best book I have ever read but it is a long way from being the worst. It was a good yarn and the relationships were far from usual so it certainly wasnt a boy meets girl, after a struggle they eventually love happily even after , kind of story.This had everything from gauchos, to meeting the Queen and Coming out seasons through to war, deaths, divorces, rapes, possible murders and many other events along the way.

I enjoyed the descriptions of the places they visited and the food and culture of the places too.I have never heard of the author before and although I would not hunt out other books by her, i would also happily read another if I found one anywhere.

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