Treacherous Summits (Unexpected Destiny, #2) Ariana N. Dickey





Treacherous Summits (Unexpected Destiny, #2)  by  Ariana N. Dickey

Treacherous Summits (Unexpected Destiny, #2) by Ariana N. Dickey
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In a world of terrifying monsters, spiteful gods, rampant demigods, fantastical magic, and reluctant heroes, the Blessed Ones are the only hope for the future of Milany. Are Ely, Colin, and Faythe strong enough to save the kingdom? With foes both mortal and immortal, the price of their destiny may be more than they bargained for. Colin battles demons from his past, Ely struggles with his position as leader, and Faythe doubts her own instincts. Who can they trust? Who should they trust? What will happen if Faythe can no longer tell friend from foe?

In Treacherous Summits, Ely, Colin, and Faythe must now face the true cost of revolution. To survive, they must learn as much as they can as quickly as they can. In order to change their future, they must come to grips with their past. And what they learn about the origins of their own powers will either boost or cripple them.

Their findings about the tyrant Beylidons origins put everything in a shocking new light.

Enter the sum

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