The Ever Largest Mistake of Financial Policy Waki Fujisaki



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The Ever Largest Mistake of Financial Policy  by  Waki Fujisaki

The Ever Largest Mistake of Financial Policy by Waki Fujisaki
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A Letter to My Dear ReadersDear SirsI’m thanking for your regards to this book at this time happening. This time, I would like to ask you everyone as the reader a favor of some consider and judgment. Actually, I have discovered A certain hypothesis related to economics, and which might bring happiness to many people beyond next some hundreds of years, and which might have a very big good impact on the realization of the stable economy society.And the certain hypothesis related to economics is to say “a large mistake of macroeconomics has been discovered”, which has a major impact on many fields such as investment decisions of each investor, and also lending policy of banks, operations of central banks, price changes, interest rate trends, peoples lives, business cycle, and so on.

And this mistake can be recognized also by the ordinary people of general society by receiving a brief description if he has a high thinking skill, even if he is not an expert of economics.If gives a brief description, some will be as follows.

It is possible for ordinary working people in general to test all these at their own, by the Excel sheet below, if he has a high thinking skills which can recognize the error of traditional opinion. Also, if you felt any doubt about something, I hope that you ask the decision also to someone else who can most likely have correct judgment. That is to say, because I also was a believer of the common belief and the current practices and I could not believe that a conclusion like this came out at first. I believe in that there are a lot of excellent persons among my readers who shows a worth of consideration to this book.

If you can understand and have a good will, I appreciate and thank you for your cooperation to explain this to other people.1.At first, it was found that money multiplier until now was a mistake, and correct money multiplier is discovered. This alone will be one of small headlines of newspaper.

There has been a lot of criticism to Friedmans money multiplier until now from the previous saying such as that it indicates no more than simply a proportional relationship. Because the formula of the core has changed, I expected at this time that something might happen by being affected from this change of core paradigm. However as a result, the significant impacts far more than expected on the real economy and people life as shown below came out with little by little also one by one.2.It is found that in the simulation model of money supply (Pleases see the Excel sheet below), the money supply can be calculated even by the total sum of the loans of each bank + issued currency, and this becomes the most appropriate indicator of money supply.

In addition, the definition of money supply changes to this total sum of the loans of each bank + issued currency. As you know, money supply of the past, M1, M2, M3, etc has existed multiple of which boundary was ambiguous.

But this ambiguous definition becomes inadequate. This change of money supply definition might be said a little bit major incident.3.The above new definition of money supply can be controlled quantitatively by window guidance (financing decision), because it is the sum of the banks loan amount and issued currency. (Since quantitative control is unavailable for M1, M2, M3 because these are deposits, this kind of idea does not come out.) And “the quantitative control of money supply by this new definition becomes most effective for control of the price level.

The humanity will be having technique to overcome the inflation caused by the divergence of supply and demand of money.

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