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The Daystar Voyages Series  by  Gilbert Morris

The Daystar Voyages Series by Gilbert Morris
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Book Series:1 - Secret of the Planet MakonExpelled?Jerusha Ericsons got a problem. Shes a strong, self-confident, and capable ensign at the Intergalactic Academy. Or at least she was, until she got expelled. Now her lifelong dream of being anMoreBook Series:1 - Secret of the Planet MakonExpelled?Jerusha Ericsons got a problem. Shes a strong, self-confident, and capable ensign at the Intergalactic Academy.

Or at least she was, until she got expelled. Now her lifelong dream of being an Academy graduate has abruptly came to an end, and life lies before her like a dark, looming tunnel. But Jerusha soon comes to see that there is a dim light at the end of that tunnel.Join Jerusha and her friends as they meet Captain Mark Edge and the mishmash crew of the Daystar.

Experience their thrill of signing on to travel a secret and dangerous mission to the planet Makon. And meet the rough inhabitants of Makon, who are less than happy to see the Daystar land on their arid planet. Travel along on Daystar Voyage #1 and see how honesty and integrity can not only make tough situations more amicable but can be a strong witness for Jesus Christ.2 - Wizards of the GalaxySomething evil lurks beneath the shimmering city of Merlina Dangerous wizards have taken over several small planets in a far corner of the galaxy but without the use of modern weapons of any kind.

Whats going on out there? While some of the Daystar crew believe the wizards possess a deadly evil force, others say its just a mixture of myth and fairy tale. But Merlina is not the only place where something is not right. The Daystar has a new surgeon on board, Dr. Temple Cole. While polite, intelligent, and extremely beautiful, she is definitely hiding something. Can the crew uncover her secret before its too late? Join the young Space Rangers as they seek to divert the wicked plans of the wizards.

Share in their excitement as they see the power of Jesus conquer the evil forces of Satan. See how the crew of the Daystar learns that riches dont necessarily bring happiness, and things that look good on the outside can be rotten to the core.3 - Escape from the Red CometIn order to escape a strange comet that seems bent on destroying their spaceship, Captain Edge and the Space Rangers land on the planet Ciephus and find only children living there.4 - Dark Spell Over MorlandriaWhen the Daystar Space Rangers take off to distant Morlandria, not even the captain knows that their secret assignment will involve a struggle between good and evil.5 - Revenge of the Space PirateZarias Escaped!The Queen of Darkness has gotten away from her captors and has taken over the star ship of two young Space Academy cadets.

Karl Bentlow and Olga Von Kemp have been hijacked! And more terrible than that, Zaria is steering them toward the Cygnus Sector, an area of space that no one has entered and returned alive. Shes looking for space pirate Sir Richard Irons. Captain Edge and the crew of the Daystar set out to rescue Karl and Olga and foil the plans of Zaria and Richard Irons. On approaching Irons headquarters, Ringo notices that the medallion hes worn about his neck for most of his life resembles some of the ancient statues and writings on Ironss planet.

Does Sir Richard Irons have a connection to Ringos dead father? Join the excitement as the Space Rangers see the power of Jesus break the power of Satan. Discover how even the most evil people can be released from the power of their pasts in Revenge of the Space Pirate.6 - Invasion of the Killer LocustsWhen something attacks the planet Capella, Captain Edge and the Daystar Space Rangers are sent to rescue the Capella royal family and do battle with some of the most terrifying creatures in the cosmos.7 - Dangers of the Rainbow NebulaCaptain Edge and the crew of the Daystar are off on another exciting mission, this time to save the crew of the Wellington from certain destruction by the gravitron threads of the Rainbow Nebula.But there is a troublemaker in the ranks.

Greedy Hector Jordan has another plan to make himself rich, and this time it means stealing supplies on board the starship to build a virtual reality machine. After enlisting Ringo to help him build the computer that runs the machine, Heck puts the crews lives in danger by stealing power from the ships main fuel cells.Join the Daystar Space Rangers and the crew of the Daystar as they make a heroic rescue. Discover how God can give compassion and power to overcome past hurts and teach us to love those who have wronged us. And see how God can use Hecks machine for good even though Heck meant it for selfish gain.8 - The Frozen Space PilotThe Daystar crew discovers an escape pod that was frozen in time.

The pilot inside, Galan Knowles, has been frozen for more than 5000 years! But their thrilling discovery enrages the Daystars enemy, Sir Richard Irons and the Jackray. Before the Jackray ambushes, the crew must start putting the pieces together. In this fast-paced sci-fi adventure, the space rangers discover how God reveals Himself to us in times of fear and confusion.9 - The White Dragon of SharnuOn the planet SharNu, the Daystar Space Rangers investigate the disappearance of the young prince, who may be a victim of the mythical White Dragon.10 - Attack of the Denebian StarshipThe Daystar Space Rangers face a new challenge when they go to the planet Makon, where the Denebians are planning to seize a rare mineral with remarkable qualities.

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